Meet Brooke

Brooke Martin is an EMMY-winning anchor and reporter. For 15 years, Brooke told the community’s stories and asked the hard questions of those in charge. From an Oval Office interview to a conversation with a neighbor who just lost their job, Brooke has had a front row seat to both the impressive and the important stories that make up our lives.

But none impacted her more than her own. Shortly after announcing her second pregnancy on air, Brooke and her husband received a fatal diagnosis for their daughter, Emma Noelle. For 8 months, Brooke carried their daughter while publicly walking through grief and ultimately loss. Brooke is now working to show others how life’s fires have the ability to bring new growth, greater beauty and everlasting hope.

Giving Back

Through her own journey to find more, Brooke’s adventures have taken her near and far and always with a purpose. Whether it was spending five months with Youth With A Mission in Mazatlan, Mexico, serving as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters or playing an active role in her church in Indianapolis, Brooke remains focused on giving back to her community and encouraging others to find fullness in life.
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