1 on 1 Coaching

If you’re walking through a challenging season, personalized coaching with Brooke offers a safe space for you to engage with someone who has walked through trials and understands your pain.

Engagements with Brooke are:
  • 3-6 months in length (with an option to extend to 12 months for approved clients)
  • Started with a get-to-know-you meeting before the work begins to understand your goals
  • Hour long coaching sessions every other week
  • A blend of guided curriculum and self-study, including the use of Brooke’s Through the Fire journal
  • Focused time that includes prayer, reflection and space to process
  • Guided by the goals of strengthening your faith and helping you find hope in the journey


Mastermind+Rest Retreat

A place for those in the public eye to navigate healing and find hope away from the spotlight.

In our monthly Mastermind, we will:
  • Explore how to publicly walk through suffering
  • Learn how to lead with authenticity and use vulnerability as a tool to not only help heal but inspire others
  • Identify how to communicate your trial effectively, including when and how much to share
  • Recognize how to find true rest in the storm
  • Understand the intentional disciplines that your body needs to process grief
  • Identify how to heal in a way that leads to more beauty than before
  • Create opportunities to focus on what’s to come while still mourning what is lost
  • How to turn your (past) suffering into a powerful story that has the ability to cut through and connect with others


How it works:
  • Monthly meetings via Zoom, each with a focused topic and space for open dialogue (meetings will be recorded in case you have to miss)
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Brooke throughout your membership, whenever they will serve your needs best
  • Mastermind memberships are a 6-month commitment
  • Membership includes participation in a REST Retreat (separate fee, discounted for Mastermind members)
  • Retreats are offered on specific dates throughout the year and are limited capacity. Contact Brooke for more info.

Rest Retreat

  • 2-hour intensive session with Brooke
  • A weekend rest retreat
  • Food and lodging provided
  • Technology free
  • Daily sessions with Brooke
  • Morning guided prayer


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