Brooke works to show others how life’s fires have the ability to bring new growth, greater beauty and everlasting hope. Explore her speaking topics below.

Controlled Burn: Navigating Life’s Trials When the World is Watching

You are not immune to stress, suffering, pain and loss (spoiler alert: no one is). We all walk through trials at different stages of our life, and each one has the potential to tear us down or raise us up.

When Brooke and her husband walked through the loss of their daughter while Brooke was anchoring the nightly news, she heard the same thing over and over. “How are you doing this? I could never. How do you not just crumble on the air?”

If you’re living your life in front of an audience – whether in the media, at the top of your company’s organizational chart or with critics watching your every move – navigating your pain can feel even more lonely. Your sanity, your faith and your future may not feel like the solid foundation you need to make it through.

In this compelling conversation, Brooke will lead you through the process of designing your own controlled burn. Using the same intentional strategies Brooke used for herself, you will learn not only why God would allow hard times, but how He uses them to shape, refine and ultimately offer the greatest hope of your life.

Rest Isn’t Wrong – How the Practice of Rest Can Revive Our Tired Lives

We have more entertainment and more convenience than ever before in history. Yet more Americans say they’re more exhausted, unfulfilled and anxious than ever before. As a result, we’re withering under the scorching heat of a society obsessed with endless options and very little depth. A society in which busy is a badge and rest is wrong.

Not even a worldwide shut down made people slow down. Exhaustion and stress continue to skyrocket. Young adults are twice as likely to experience constant exhaustion than they were 20 years ago. The American Psychological Association is now sounding an alarm, warning that we are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield significant consequences for years to come.

In this urgent keynote address, former news anchor Brooke Martin combines personal life experience, ancient commands, and modern study to dig into the dirt of life; looking for the root of rest. Along the way, she points out the pests that threaten our growth, the conditions that create the most fertile soil, and ultimately the harvest that comes when we make true rest a priority.

Is it too late? Can we be revived? Dare we even thrive?

MEdia: Journalism’s Journey from Serving Society to Serving Self

The past decade has led us to rethink fundamental assumptions about the role in the news media in our lives. For many of us, we grew up looking to the news for information, education, inspiration and a glimpse at our own humanity. We relied on professional journalists to ask tough questions of our politicians, hold our local leaders accountable and shine light on injustices in our own backyard.

Fast forward to the new reality in TV news, where the goal has become clicks, shares and photos, not hard-hitting investigations or special interest stories. We have a love-hate relationship with the media now, using it to fuel our fire rather than challenge us to think differently.

Even worse, media outlets are using new tactics to get our attention. Journalists are now social media influencers first, and a news source a distant second. They are expected to put their lives, their families and their bodies on display to capture more clicks.

In this raw and honest conversation, former TV news anchor Brooke Martin unpacks how we got to this crisis and explores the path of devastation we’re on as a society because of it. In a world where ME comes first, and MEDIA is secondary, viewers are no longer getting the accountability and inspiration they deserve. It’s time for a new path forward.

Emma Noelle: The Story of One Baby’s Impact on the World

In this compelling keynote, Brooke will take you through her journey of publicly walking through the diagnosis, pregnancy and the 21 minutes of life of their daughter, Emma Noelle. Brooke will answer the questions the world is asking. Why choose life when death is inevitable? Does a baby’s life really matter? Brooke’s powerful and personal answers will resonate deeply and offer hope for even the greatest heartache.


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