Coming August 20, 2024

Controlled Burn: Rising From the Ashes to Forge an Unshakable Faith

Brooke Martin, public speaker and coach

About the Book

Confronted with a fatal diagnosis for their unborn baby girl, Brooke Martin and her husband faced an unimaginable choice, grappling with how to move forward amid a sea of unanswerable questions. Yet, in the midst of unspeakable grief, Brooke’s faith and vulnerability not only laid the foundation for her own healing but also for a global movement toward resilience and recovery.

Controlled Burn: Rising From the Ashes to Forge an Unshakable Faith weaves together invaluable advice, spiritual insights, and raw truths learned from Brooke Martin’s greatest trials, offering readers guidance to walk through life’s fires and come out unburned. Whether in pregnancy, the workplace, marriage, or otherwise, we are bound to experience suffering in life. How we respond can be the difference between our destruction and our growth.

Get Your Copy

In Controlled Burn, Brooke Martin will guide readers in:

  • healing and moving forward after tragedy or hardship.
  • gaining a better understanding of their natural talents and gifts. 
  • listening for God’s voice in times of adversity and recognizing suffering as an invitation to grow closer to Him. 
  • shifting their perspective of pain into a period of self-growth.
  • discovering how to use their own experiences to help others in similar circumstances.

Controlled Burn proves that miracles can happen when we are willing to surrender ourselves to God and walk into the fire with faith.

Brooke Martin, public speaker and coach
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